Book Of Transition
Project in progress right now. Graphic novel, don't know how many pages yet, maybe 20 - 30.
Kindergartens Mural
Projects for wall art in kindergarten, made for Dullux with Good Looking Studio.
The Hedoluxe Experience
God Friday
Video Tucan for Costa Coffe
Costa Coffe ask me to draw live my own expression about the Tucan coffe. Here it is. Movie made by K2, photos by Emilia Kargol My role: concept, sketches and...
Outstanding Letters
Smelly Jelly
Hirse & Soup
"Hirse & Soup" Post Automatic Drawing- works done in one shot, without sketching or any corrections, but with full focus on line, spaces and consequence of hand...
Good Morning
Nothing Happens
Press Illustration
Records - released under the influence of Charlie Hale's music Me, dancing to the Charlie Hale's music Me, wearing jeans in about 2001 Me, having...
Crumb Old Melody
30 x 47 cm, ink on paper
Flying to you
Space Dog
Distracting Thoughts
These Days
I Can't Handle This
Thank you for your time.
Dog Whistle
Artwork for my friends band, called Dog Whistle. They are two lovely ladies.The artwork goes with whole cd print project and now it is working as a band...
Unsee Portrait
Solo Exhibition Poster
Gute Kunst
Anti-Corruption Day
Umbrella Revolution Support for Hong Kong
Sweet Dreams Burlesque
La música
That is a poster for a play, inspired by the art and life of the poet Rafał Wojaczek.
To The End
House Gig
There is an idea of gig in someone's house, a House Gig. It's only for about 30 people. Band gets dinner, place to sleep and breakfast. This creates a very warm...
Święto Wiosny
Poster made for burlesque event Święto Wiosny. Addicional activity of mine was composition and production of music for whole event, that is 9 full songs. (sound...
Witches Of Warsaw
Poster for burlesque friends for halloween party. It goes in black and white only. Full vector, hand drawing by wacom. The bat is small but drawing is in full...
Boylesque Show
Poster and flyer for first Boylesque Show in poland. Show created by BettyQ at the invitation of Teatr Druga Strefa. I was invited to give to the event the visual...
Power Of Words for PGE
Power of words action was a non-standard way of explaining children how electricity is produced. Words used in Facebook posts were used to write stories about...
Creators Academy Web Page
The task was: in agreement with our guides, please create something fresh and new, so here it is, the Creators Academy world. My role: concept for visual...
proud action group ID set
Logotype and identity project.